In addition to Label and Artist Management works, Cavalone also provides extensive F&B Management, Artistic Direction, Music Direction and related consultancy services to its clients.

Since the nightlife industry has become a major attraction for the global investors, Cavalone has been founded by its partners to offer tailor made solutions to its clients.

Our main scope is creating attractive scenery in between investors, leading industry players and brands to embody remarkable business ventures and structuring successful business models.

Our community of globally experienced and award winning industry professionals will be pleased to serve to you upon your requests.

As a company we provide management and consultancy services covering all the needs of an F&B entity from A to Z.

Investor Relationships

Making researches about nightlife and dining industry and presenting related opportunities to investors.

Making researches about potential investment opportunities and presenting related opportunities to investors

Business introduction in between investors and structuring partnerships

Providing feasibility studies and preparing reports regarding economical, socio-
cultural, legal and other related facts on the geographical location of the project

Following up potential international investment and partnership opportunities, being the first point of contact, building up necessary relationships and starting-up the
project phase

Business planning and project management

Representation of global industry players for Turkey and Dubai

International representation of Turkish corporations

Corporate Consultancy

Establishing partnership structures

Building up board structures and identifying responsibilities of board members

Providing legal advisory services

Preparing agreements and protocols

Financial Consultancy

Budget planning (income & expense)

Establishing cost control system

Building up profit maximisation strategies

Monitoring and analyzing budget variances on monthly basis, preparing necessary
action plans in case of any variances

Providing up to date reports on financial statements of countries where the
investments are present

Business Support Services

* Human resources consultancy

o Recruitment

o Preparation of job descriptions

o Performance management

o Creating organizational charts

o Identifying workflow processes

* Training

* Auditing

• Artistic

o Creative concept design
o Music concept design & direction
o Event management (DJ’s, performers, shows)
o Visual communications design (videos, photos, graphics, web etc.)

• Marketing

o Planning and managing all promotional activities

• Public Relations

o Social media consultancy

o Visual and print media communications

• Developing media strategies and managing relationships
• Preparation of press releases

o Customer relationship management (CRM)

• Managing relationships with VIP clientele
• Establishing customer database via CRM Cloud System, monitoring related database periodically and preparing reports

Developing international clientele and managing relationships
Cloud System implementation
o Online reservation system
o Hotel concierge system integration
o Internal reservation system management

• Lean management

• Process improvement

• Liaising with sponsor companies and managing relationships

• Preparing presentations and reports for the related companies

• Maximizing sponsorship revenues

Event Management Services

Establishing partnership structures

Building up board structures and identifying responsibilities of board members

Providing legal advisory services

Preparing agreements and protocols

Exhibition Participation Services

Identifying most important and convenient exhibitions and making registrations for the companies

Evaluating sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, presenting related opportunities to the companies and making necessary coordination

Representing companies in international exhibitions