From Istanbul, Turkey
Labels Rist Records, Copycow
DJ, Live Performance


From Istanbul, Turkey
Labels Rist Records, Copycow
DJ, Live Performance


All Began With LoveTurned Into FaithBlossomed In PassionWe are Majnoon

Majnoon follows the motto: ‘’Music Rising From The East“
While preserving the local roots, values and culture, the team builds a musical bridge with past and future for the new generations.

Majnoon presents universality through locality, combining oriental, ethnic and spiritual sounds with unique visuals in their live performances.

In the “Ethnic Universe” event series, Majnoon aims to reflect the universality of music while createong unique experiences in between audiences and the leading artists of ethnic music genre in the world.


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Ethnic Universe by Majnoon

Ethnic Universe is a musical experience hosted by Majnoon and Radio Istanbul, featuring Dj's, live musicians and other creative talents. Every each show creates unique combination of artistic expressions. A magical zone for sharing, creating, gathering and enjoying.

Thanks to our friends who performed in our "Ethnic Universe"

Armen Miran, Aslihan Aksun (Mandalart), Dest, Dimitrios, Estray, Laroz Camel Rider, Harem, Islandman, Jota Karloza, Kosh, Mercan Dede, Okay Temiz, Manumat, Mardeleva (Eduardo Castillo), Monality, Papa (Buddha Bar Monte Carlo, Pappa Dj (Mykonos), Timboletti, The Turbans, Toygun Sozen, Viken Arman





Early History

Majnoon is a founded by 2 passionate souls; Dj Khaikhan and Can Bener.

Back in days, the duo’s production talent has been even rewarded with diamond record award. Khaikhan started his DJ’ing carrer in late 80’s and Can started his productions by early 2000’s. Since then they have been named among the legendary Dj/Producers in Istanbul and pioneers in downtempo, spiritual electronic music production. They have featured in numerous compilations, played in many iconic clubs in Istanbul and many international destinations.

After the success of Radio Istanbul, the duo started featuring live musicians playing authentic local instruments in their DJ performances. The idea developed, created a community itself, and so ‘‘Majnoon’’ has come to life by 2017. They named their musical rituals as #EthnicUniverse which eventually became a base for the followers of this genre.

Definition of “Majnoon”

Arabic origins, other dialects pronounce it magnoon, it literally means “crazy” as in mentally ill, but has been extended in the vernacular to include something that’s crazy or unbelievable. In Arabic language, Layla name means “night,” and is thought to mean “one who works by night” or “worker of the dark.” This is an apparent allusion to the fact that the romance of the star-crossed lovers was hidden and kept secret. In the Arabic language, the word Majnun means “a crazy person.”