New EP featuring mixes by Anatolian Sessions, Rodrigo Galliardo, Laroz Camel Rider and Estray out on Wunderlust Musica.

This whole EP is dedicated to Asterios Christaras, who passed away earlier this year, he was really good friend of DJ Dest who recorded main song of this EP ”Mihrap” together with Khaikhan in Radio Istanbul’s studio at Istanbul, Turkey – in a memory of Asterios, ”Mihrap” means Altar in turkish language and artists from all around the world gathered to make their offering with their music to the ALTAR which was made in memory of Asterios.

Rest In Peace, sincere condolences to family of Asterios . . .

Release Date: November 26, 2018

Cello : Ugurcan Sesler
Kanun : Mert Demircioglu
Mastering: Exotic Mastering