Nihavend Longa by Majnoon out onCowpilation #5 by Copy-Cow.

This is a web of lubricity where Cows celebrate; where night and day are nothing else but carnal pleasure; where despite all this nothingness, no tedium is experienced.


The movement of sound abounds in vital warmth which never harms the probability or impedes the unfolding. Twenty characters and a half dozen intrigues are going at one time and they illuminate each other with pure love and agricultural enthusiasm resting the mind.


To sump up, the queer blend of inconstant tenderness, sensual intoxication and merry comedy produces a remarkable but dangerous Cowpilation.

Release Date: December 11, 2018
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Cowpilation # 5
Cat. No: COPY025
Mastering: Herb LF & Elmute ODN